5 Major Differences You Should Know About Behavioral Health and Mental Health

Mental Health

Behavioral health and mental health are often used to describe the same thing. However, while these terms may overlap, they are different.

Someone with poor mental health is a person who is unable to get through daily stressors and cope with the problems at hand.

Behavioral health refers to a person’s biology. It is a subset of mental health, as not all mental health conditions happen because of someone’s behavior. A prime example here is issues caused by substance abuse.

5 major differences between behavioral and mental health

So, what is the difference between behavioral health and mental health? Let’s take a look at five main differences to get a better understanding:

1. Behavioral health impacts your mental health – Behavioral health is important in terms of both your physical and mental health because, through our habits, we can either be unhealthy or healthy. For example, an individual with a gambling addiction can then find their mental health worsening due to the financial strain of what they are going through.
2. Mental health is about our thoughts and feelings – Mental health is about what is going on internally. It’s about the feelings we have inside.
3. Behavioral health is about the actions people take – It refers to the way in which someone responds to a specific scenario. You may be angry and someone else may be angry, yet you may respond in different ways.
4. People with mental health issues do not always have behavioral health problems – If you have a mental health condition, this does not necessarily mean your behavior is going to be negative. For example, almost everyone with depression has some sort of sleep issue, yet they do not all develop behavioral disorders.
5. There are differences in terms of common disorders – Common mental illnesses include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. Common behavioral disorders include eating disorders, self-injury, gambling addiction, and substance abuse.

Important stats related to behavioral health and mental health

Did you know that 284 million people around the world suffer from anxiety? Or, that 264 million people suffer from depression? These are common mental health issues. In terms of behavioral health, drug use disorder impacts 71 million people and alcohol use disorder impacts 107 million people.

How behavioral health and mental health stats are increasing
Mental health issues are increasing around the world. There has been a 13 percent increase in substance use disorders and mental health conditions in the last decade, mainly as a consequence of demographic changes. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic also had an impact. It is believed that the global prevalence of depression and anxiety increased by a massive 25 percent, and a lot of people are still suffering as a consequence.

Find the best neuropsychiatrist based on the right data

We hope you now have some clarity regarding what is the difference between bad behavior and mental illness. If you are struggling with any mental or behavioral health problems, the best thing to do is book an appointment with a neuropsychiatrist. You can use a Doctor’s search web-finding tool like Doc360° to find such a specialist in your location. Compare all of your options carefully and make the right decision for you.

Help is always available for those with behavioral or mental health struggles

So, there you have it: the answer you have been looking for to what is the difference between behavioral health and mental health? We hope that this has helped you to get a better understanding of the differences between the two. No matter what you are going through, though, there is help available. It is important to realize you are not alone.