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Today's organizations who showcase provider search capabilities along with provider ratings represent an archaic business model that is in need of substantial change. This need for change is driven by the needs of the today’s careSumer and not of those of a generation ago. This antiquated “pay-to-play” model set up by most provider rating sites not only unfairly promotes a false sense of quality for careSumers, but forces providers to unfairly promote themselves through manipulative sites designed to artificially inflate their reputation.

Doc360° offers a different business model. We produce the most accurate and uninfluenced provider grades available, making for better providers and patients.

“There is nothing more personal and important to me and my family than our healthcare. I find it difficult to reconcile that with doctor ratings that may have been paid for or where there may not be enough scores to properly assist in my doctor decision. 360 doesn’t play games, it simply provides the most accurate insight of all provider sites, and more importantly, it offers peace of mind that my family is receiving the best care.”

--Doc360° careSumer